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Use this feedback form to gather and share your print production set-up with LMNS. The information is used for assessments of production workflows prior to a quick-scan or intervision session.

If the production location is different from the company address, please fill out the production location address.
By filling out this form and submitting information to LMNS, you agree to the terms of use and data collection policies as descibed in the disclaimer at The information gathered and saved from this Print Project Feedback form will only be used for the purpose of rendering services and is considered confidential.

Production Description

Production Description


Gather as much information as possible and be as specific as possible. The better we understand what your current workflow looks like, the easier and quicker we can assist with finding out what the bottlenecks are, why certain challenges exist, how to improve a workflow and, subsequently, tailor intervision, training or workshop sessions to your specific needs.


Regard the following sections as general guide to identify and list the various parts of your production workflow. If not for us to prepare an intervision, service or training session, it may prove a welcome tool to get an overview of the current configuration.

Give the production location a name for easy identification (eg. "wide format banner production", or "cotton towel decoration").
Describe the production workflow. (Example: "Sticky belt roll to roll printing of cotton sheeting with pigment inks." or, "Toner based transfer onto glass bottles.")
Describe the problems or challenges you need assistance with. (Example: "Rub fastness properties not OK. Switched ink, tried different heat settings." or, "Difficult to reproduce brand colors. Can't print bright reds. Tried profile conversion and use named colors")

Equipment Description

Equipment Description

List your printing equipment. Include brandname, type, width, print head, color channels. Separate list items with semicolons.
List your ink. Include type (UV, solvent, latex, pigment, sublimation, disperse, acid, reactive, toner, wax, etc.), supplier name, brand name, color set (CMYK, CMYK+OG, CMYK+RB, etc.). Separate list items with semicolons.
List your media. Include brandname, type, width, treatment/coating, weight, thickness, construction (non-woven, woven, knitted, cast, calendered, etc.). Separate list items with semicolons.
List your pre- and/or post-production steps. Include machinery type, chemistry, process, temperatures, pressure, dwelling time, drying time, pick-up level, etc. Separate list items with semicolons.
List your software. Include platform (OS and version), program name and version, license information, etc. Think of the software that you use for scanning, designing, proofing, profiling, impositioning, RIP'ing, etc. Separate list items with semicolons.
Describe your network set-up. Include how equipment is connected; domain, subdomain, firewall, protocol, etc. Think of how files are transferred, stored; if there is access or a limitation to reach a host, server or device, etc. Separate list items with semicolons.
List environment specific information that can be of influence on the production workflow. Think of temperature, static electricity, draft, humidity, etc. Separate list items with semicolons.

Data Submission

All information will be sent to LMNS for further processing. After clicking the submit button you will be redirected to the homepage and an e-mail confirmation will be sent to the address you have entered on the first page. Should you have any questions or remarks, or wish to provide further information, you may either get in touch with the LMNS project team, or start a new feedback form submission.


Should you wish to share workflow diagrams, production layout sketches, log files, sample files, artwork, color profiles or other documents, we ask you to either use the LMNS Teams collaboration platform, share via a cloud service such as Dropbox, or use an exchange platform such as WeTransfer to share large files.

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