Business and Product Development

for the Digital Printing Industry

LMNS is an answer to the ever growing complexity in the visual communications industry, where there are so many parameters to think of when renewing or starting up digital print production.

Printer, ink, software, workflow, color management. People, products, planning. ROI, COO. Marketing, communication and sales.

These are only a few elements. And it is often a tedious job to find out what to pick, where to go and how to manage it all. It’s about connecting the dots, before one dot is even printed.

This is where LMNS comes in.

LMNS offers expert advice to those seeking support with setting up their operations. And LMNS goes beyond the mere advisory and consultancy: LMNS offers assistance with finding answers, people and technology to make it all easier.

LMNS is a combination of independent industry experts that have a track record in the graphic arts, print production and visual communication arena.

Connect people, purpose and process. Connect with LMNS.

Our main areas of expertise

Product development

We specialize in support for product development projects. This includes finding the components and elements that fit the requirements for specific applications. Our expertise is in digital inkjet printing. We look at print heads, ink, media, coating, data path, transport and all other elements that are used for print engines and printing systems. [more]

Technology research

As part of understanding the dynamics of application driven solutions, technology research is an integral part of what we do. Yarns, formulations, color management, workflow, software and many other components are being investigated to research whether or not it is fit for purpose. [more]

Business alignment

Besides the technical side of operations, LMNS uses a methodology called “Layered Alignment” to dive into the many different aspects of product and business development. The parameters and specifications of single elements are being aligned to ensure successful implementations. [more]

What it is all about

  • “We have mostly been developing our system based on core technology requirements. By looking at our product with the end-user perspective in mind, we made our software a better product.”

    Software Developer Case: user experience
  • “Understanding what the end-user really needed, allowed us to formulate new inks that are being used by an increasing amount of print professionals.”

    Ink Manufacturer Case: new business research
  • “Our challenge was to make sure that we had an integrated system of software, hardware and ink. Because we work with more color channels than most, getting color management in place was a key priority.”

    System Integrator Case: print engine development

Our partners

Strategic Partners - Persona Academy, Yiist - Change Agents

We are a proud member of ESMA and we support industry associations Fespa and SGIA. We are linked with the Persona Academy and Yiist – Change Agents.

ESMA Expert

LMNS is founded in Eindhoven, design and technology hub of Europe. We proudly support the Eindhoven Innovation Cafe at the Kazerne.

Eindhoven BrainportEindhoven Innovation Cafe


Everything starts with the people you work with and the people you work for. LMNS starts off with that thought in mind: understanding who the intended audience is makes all decisions in the process understandable. Our assistance is based on a customer driven approach.


The most important perspective for any project is the definition of the purpose of the product. Technology has to offer a practical solution for the application it was designed for. The combination of people and purpose is key to any project.


LMNS connects the dots and joins the elements when it comes to picking the right processes for a successful technical implementation. All details make up the total solution: considering the whole, with a focus on the single elements.

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