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Given that an entire business development or product development cycle consists of many different disciplines that need expert specialists, LMNS starts off with the idea that there is not one single person that can conceive all details. Hence, we believe in using those experts that are needed for a project if and when required. The combination of skills and strengths makes what sets us apart. We know that we don’t know everything. And knowing that, it triggered the collaboration to expand our services by teaming up. The added value for you is that through our joint expertise, we are able to offer a wider support, across more domains and with a bigger network.

Business Development / Project Coordination

General overview of projects with the purpose of streamlining business development. Coordination through layered alignment processes and project management tools. Relevant previous projects include the development of: color correction software, print engines, print production hardware, inkjet ink, inkjet media, color separation tools, textile fabric. The set-up of a best practice workflow and competence center with integrated partnerships is one example where all disciplines got connected. Network and partner activities through industry associations ESMA, Fespa and SGIA.

Product Development / Color System Integration

High level product development support with a focus on practical workflow. Integration of color systems with print production flows. Based on a background of print machine manufacturing, color management and technology integration. Through a FOGRA research fellowship, softproofing, print and light standardization is in our expertise domain. Glass, hollowware, packaging and industrial print on other than paper and textile substrates is part of our knowledge base.

Product Management / Textile Systems Engineering

Within projects, we offer product management assistance. Guiding and maintaining product specification, milestones, revisions and releases. Major focal point is chemical textile engineering, color management and workflow integration. Track record includes foam mixers, automatic color kitchens, recipe prediction systems, finishing and coating lines, incl. steamers, fixators and calanders.

Process Management / Media & Chemistry Integration

One of the key approaches is to control process management. This includes media and chemistry integration. With chemical textile engineering and textile finishing as a bases, our expertise includes direct and resist print, fabric product portfolio research, color physics and fabric application tests. Furthermore, our know-how extends to print paste dispensers, finishing systems, and integrated textile print solutions.

Account Management / Distribution Channel Development

Business development does not rely on technical development alone. Growing and maintaining a distribution channel and controlling sales cycles is a key element to the growth of a company. Our expertise is in wide format graphics and inkjet production systems. We rely on our knowledge of the market and our vast network in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Strategic Marketing / Marketing Communications

We have an application driven and customer centric approach, where strategic marketing forms the bases of successful product placement. Within this domain, we offer support on: marketing communication, graphic design, art direction, creative direction, campaign development, branding and messaging. Based on the Yiist MotivationScanner and the Persona Academy approach, we connect the dots between business dynamics and customer expectation.

Technical Support / Color Workflow & Print Production Support

In addition to the support on management level, we expand into on-site technical assistance and training. This includes color workflow and print production support. Our solution specialist offers technical consultancy on RIP software, color measurement tools, workflow components and production flow principles. Furthermore, we include support on digital print engines, profiling and integration of partner technologies.

Commercial Market Development / Sales & Marketing Support

Similarly, once the internal driven development cycles have concluded, commercial deployment is needed. LMNS offers commercial market development through sales and marketing support. We include: market research, feasibility studies, direct and telemarketing activities, lead generation, customer qualification and acquisition strategy services.

Technology & Market Analysis

Last, but not least, we offer assistance with technology and market analysis. This includes technological consulting, digital inkjet printing research, machine design and build analysis, and studies on inks, materials and consumables. Our network has direct access to major industry reports, trade associations and print related institutions. In our team, we can rely on decades of analytical processing of technology and market trends.

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