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A few words about us

We have been around for a while.
Our background is in print and our expertise comes from years of experience in the printing industry. The combined know-how comes from our network of specialists that have been working in the areas of visual communication, sales and marketing, printer development, ink formulation, textile, packaging, software, color management and many other disciplines related to traditional analog screen printing, digital inkjet printing and print workflow processes. We go back to the 1980’s, when inkjet print production was still in its infancy.

Our drive is our fascination for applied technology.
The common bases of our specialists is the fascination for applied technology to advance digital printing workflows. This involves early, current and latest developments in ink, media, coating, print heads, software and the integration of disciplines, processes and applications.

Practical and pragmatic approach.
Another common bases is our approach to finding the best solutions to develop new business opportunities. Technology has to offer a practical solution for the application it was designed for. This starts with understanding who the target audience is and what the application requirements are. Given that an entire concept consists of many different disciplines that need expert specialists, LMNS starts off with the idea that there is not one single person that can conceive all details. Hence, we believe in using those experts that are needed for a project if and when required.

We meet where we have a seat.
Since our team members are in many different locations across the globe, we do not have one corporate head office. We meet where we have a seat. This is why we commonly gather at a location such as Seats2Meet. Most of our work is ‘in the field’, either on location with a customer, or in our respective offices.

We believe:


Technology has to offer a practical solution for the application it was designed for.

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